Thingness: The Collection Events

Thingness: The Collection events
23 April, 16.30-17.30
Talk: Thingness  (Maiko Tsutsumi)
Ceramics Lecture Theatre, Pekham Road



25 April, 13.00-14.00
Talk: Artists working with archives (Chrystel Lebas)
Ceramics Lecture Theatre, Pekham Road

3 May, 10.30 12.30
Morning Residency at Camberwell Space (Committee: Harry Richardson & Clare Page)
Camberwell Space



– Committee ran a workshop The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with the miscellaneous objects from Deptford market.

8 May, 13.30-16.30
Workshop: Take Me Make Me (Bridget Harvey & Meghan Hutchins)
Camberwell Space (Drop-in)


Participants will be presented with small boxes of materials, and given free choice to make whatever they wish with the contents. Materials will be common place and a selection of tools and bindings will be available.

Participants are also encouraged to contribute their own materials to the workshop.

About the facilitators
Bridget Harvey’s practice manifests in adornments; conceptual or practical objects for body or space, using traditional and non-traditional techniques. The works address questions about making, materials, processes and mending, allowing time to stop and think about actions, objects and choices, and to play. Bridget is exhibiting in The Geometrics at Kingsgate Gallery, and will be undertaking a residency at Anglia Ruskin University, both in April 2013.

Meg Hutchins is a jeweller working with a range of materials including porcelain and silver. She chooses materials for their particular sensory qualities, often using them in combination to create contrast between materials. The objects are intended to be touched, prompting interaction between wearer, object, and the wider world.


16 May, 10.00-12.00
Workshop: Stuff to Savour (Tony Hayward)
Camberwell Space (Booking required)

20 May, 14.00-16.00
Workshop: Objects Stories (Karen Richmond & Michael Hurley)
Camberwell Space (Booking required)

22 May, 14.00-16.00
Talk: The History of ILEA Collection (Maria Georgaki)
Object handling session (David Garnett)
Camberwell Space (Booking required)

22 May, 17.30-18.30
Talk: Humans see round corners, but cameras don’t (Richard Wentworth)
Wilson Road Lecture Theatre, Camberwell College of Arts

(All venues except the Richard Wentworth talk are at the Peckham Road site, Camberwell College of Arts / Booking and enquiries: