Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison was born in London in 1959, and graduated in Design at Kingston Polytechnic Design School, London (1979-82 BA (Des.)) and the Royal College of Art for Postgraduate studies (1982-85 MA (Des.) RCA). In 1984 he studied on a scholarship at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin, setting up Office for Design in London in 1986.

Jasper Morrison Ltd. now consists of a main office in London and two branch offices: one in Paris and one in Tokyo. Services offered by Jasper Morrison Ltd. are wide ranging, from tableware and kitchen products to furniture and lighting, sanitaryware, electronics and appliance design, urban design and more recently watches, clocks & shoes. 2005 saw the founding of Super Normal with Naoto Fukasawa, followed by exhibitions in Tokyo, London, Milan & New York. In 2009 the Shop was opened next door to the London office.

Clients are worldwide, and include Alessi Spa, Italy; Alias Srl, Italy; Camper, Spain; Cappellini Spa., Italy; Flos Spa, Italy; FSB GmbH, Germany; Glas Italia, Italy; Magis Srl, Italy; Maruni, Japan Muji, Japan; Punkt, Switzerland; Rado Watch Co. Ltd., Switzerland; Rosenthal AG, Germany; Rowenta, France; Vitra International AG, Switzerland.

What makes your objects speak?

I started to notice that successful objects, that is, objects which are good to live with, seemed to share certain characteristics. They were never the result of aesthetic decisions alone, nor were they purely functional. They always balanced these two extremes with the additional consideration of the appropriateness of materials and their combination, of the human experience of using and living with the object, of the objects effect on its surroundings and of the communication of its purpose.1

1. Extract from Jasper Morrison (2006) Everything but the Walls,  Lars Muller.