Thingness 2011

Co-curated by Karen Richmond and Maiko Tsutsumi

10 May  10 June 2011
Special Viewing: 12 May, 5  7pm

Camberwell Space
Camberwell College of Arts
45 – 65 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UF

Free entrance

Neil Brownsword
David Clarke
Michael Marriott
Gareth Neal
Jasper Morrison

Symposium: Thursday 26 May 2011 
To register, please email Elesa Thomoglou:
(This event is now fully booked)


What role does ‘the materiality of things’ play in our relationship to the objects we create and consume?

There is a renewed interest in what the act of making does to humans and our understanding of the object.  Makers and designers are at a point of reflection: re-evaluating our sensitivities to objects and materials.  The exhibition and accompanying symposium reflect on how objects come to be and how the making of an object affords it ‘a voice’.  Selected works by five artists and designers explore people’s relationship with objects through materiality and the making process.

Building on Camberwell College’s reputation for ‘making’, the exhibition proposes to create a dialogue around notions of ‘the maker’, ‘the making process’ and ‘the material’. The symposium will facilitate an exchange of ideas between designers, theoreticians, makers of objects, curators, art and design historians, anthropologists, educationalists and material scientists around the theme of ‘Thingness’.

Co-curated by Karen Richmond and Maiko Tsutsumi

Thingness is supported by Camberwell College of Arts, Camberwell Press and CCW Graduate School